Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome to Bali trekking and tour guide, the explorations of the spirit mountains and unique cultures and traditions, and most smiling people on the earth. Bali providing  mountains and volcano as the center spirit of the indonesian ring of fire. 
As the  volcano Agung and Batur are both located in the heart of Bali, has been adventure by million local and foreigners and became famous since the1970th. Recently the mountains are trekked for many reason, but most of the people searching for a beauties from above than 1700 meters by the sea level.
We like to engage you to feel the different beauties of Bali, the great adventures, the beautiful sunrise and panorama,  cultures, and smiling peoples. the place where you may find a peaceful mind as you staring the atmosphere of the surrounding green forest, lake, ocean, together in one  on your vision.