Saturday, July 7, 2012

Climbing Mount Batur

Hiking Munt Batur, Trekking Munt Batur, Climbing Munt Batur

Mount Batur volcano is one of the  sacred mountain 
according to Hindu belief.

Mount Batur Bali is located in Batur village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. On any given day, residents around Mount Batur ceremony Pekelem. This ceremony is a form of gratitude to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi of what has been bestowed upon his people. The ceremony is held once every year and every five years conducted a large ceremony. Ceremony conducted in a large cave at the top of Mount Batur, exactly in the main crater.

Mount Batur are 1717 m above sea level. Mountain Batur is still active volcanoes eruption issue. Counted seven times eruption that occurred in: 1804, 1849,1926,1963, 1974.1884, 2000. Largest eruption occurred in 1963 that emit lava that destroyed the village servant.
Mountain Batur  give you magnificent view and panorama during the sunrise surrounding your vision as long as you can see with a cup of the Balinese coffee.

At the bottom of the mountain is a lake volcanic it is called Lake Batur. This lake is the largest lake in Bali that the extent of 22 km2 and 1031 m above sea level.

By the side of this lake there's a natural hot spring will help you release the tight muscle after the climbing Mount Batur.

Choose our package, straight from your hotel to orientation :

2:00 AM
500,000 IDR / 55 USD
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500,000 IDR / 55 USD
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450,000 IDR / 47 USD
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450,000 IDR / 47 USD
2:30 AM
500,000 IDR / 55 USD
2:30 AM
500,000 IDR / 55 USD

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  • Pick up time: Pick-up at hotel, and transport directly to the starting point in Toya Bugkah.
  • 03:15: Arrival at starting point, introduction and safety procedure briefing by our English-speaking Explainer/Tour Guide 
  • 03:30: Begin trail climb to Mount Batur. 
  • 04:00: Continue our climb to the summit crater. 
  • 06:15: Arrival at the summit crater, where we witness the spectacular view and sunrise. While there we enjoy refreshments of hot tea and eggs boiled in volcanic steam.
  • 07:00: Continue our trek around the entire crater. 
  • 08:00: Begin our descent to Jati Temple, the finishing point of our trek. 
  • 09:00: Arrival at Jati Temple and board mini-bus. 
  • 12:00: Return arrival at your hotel,
Facilities Include
  • Pick up and return to your hotel by Air Conditioned Car
  • Entrance Fee to Kintamani Area
  • Experienced local guides
  • Parking Fee
  • Breakfast on the top
  • Flashlights 

What to bring 
  • Sport shoes
  • Jacket 
  • Long pants
[Minimum 2 Passengers]